Productivity, mind hacks, digital wellness, mindset, comfort content and coexisting make the pillars of my mission as Kynd Foxes. Helping you find tools that achieve self care and mindset practices that helps you live an intentional life. 

Be kind with your mind

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I see you overwhelmed speaking ill of yourself tired unfocused desiring more

Self improvement will literally change everything.

But let’s be honest, your energy is already stretched too thin. You’re overworked, overwhelmed, and over feeling like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel. 

Hello lovely, I'm Briana

I’m a digital creator, entrepreneur, streamer and professional introvert. Juggling mental health, a full time position in a job that I love, a business I adore, and my inner homebody who just wants to curl up with a good book meant I had to get good at digital wellness. I’m in to:

* self-improvement that’s easy to adopt
* simple habits that will change your life
* using technology intentionally so that it’s your aid, not your drain
* systems, productivity and mindset hacks
* actionable information so that you can immediately start

What works for everyone will be different, but together we can find self improvement that leads to self love.

What'll it be lovely?

Pick Your Path –

What is digital wellness?

/ˈdɪdʒɪtl/ /ˈwel.nəs/

The pursuit of an intentional and healthy relationship with technology, both in the workplace and in personal life. But we dig deeper here, digging into a more wholistic approach of self-improvement.


I believe in simplified practices to take action and get sh** done. I love working smarter not harder, getting more with less.


I believe these simplified systems can improve our headspace, digital space, and physical spaces and they don’t have to be overcomplicated.  


Mindset and wellbeing rituals should be in our day to day, and it shouldn’t be a chore to add them in to our schedule.


Sometimes all we need to know is that we’re not alone. I share comfort content on socials and you can join me on Twitch and Discord to just… be, together.

Kynd Foxes Studio is a brand design studio for streamers, small businesses and content creators ready to turn their side hustle into a serious business and to stand apart from their competition via creating strategy driven brand personalities attracting dream clients and audiences.

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